Hearing God Dream Dictionary. 2012 - New Edition (389p)

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Hear and understand the warnings, promises and revelations that God is giving you trough dreams and visions.

Over the ages the Lord our God has been speaking to people trough dreams and visions. In the same way that Jesus prophetically spoke trough parables, He is still speaking to you by revealing secrets of the past and the future trough symbols, numbers and His Word.

As the Prophets of old you can now also understand what your dreams and visions mean by gaining a deeper and spiritual understanding of what God is telling you.

This book is compiled for those that dream dreams, see visions and seek to understand the hidden messages from the Lord.

It is also for people that are spiritually sensitive and gifted in the prophetic.

Just a caution! The interpretation of dreams and visions is a prophetic action. It must therefore be understood that the answer lies in a spiritual relationship with God and not in the literal interpretation of the symbols in the dream. The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant (Ps 25:14).

To Him be the Glory!



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2011-09-18 18:14:09 Marian Pieterse
I find your book very benefial to my walk with God as He often speaks to me through dreams. Thank you
2012-10-24 11:59:13 Michelle Swanepoel
I live in Namibia, Swakopmund, and would like to order this book from you.
2012-07-18 17:58:34 Christo
Hi I would like to order a copy Ppppppplease Thank you
2012-09-13 21:51:39 Martin
I have the previous version and it is excellent. I would also like to order the new version
2012-09-30 18:28:01 Zanele
I would like to have a copy & do not know whether i can get it from Cum books?
2012-11-23 09:23:05 Gertie Vermaak
eks Gertie bly in Postmasburg, wil bittergraag so book by julle in afrikaans bestel asb.
2012-11-23 09:23:16 Gertie Vermaak
eks Gertie bly in Postmasburg, wil bittergraag so book by julle in afrikaans bestel asb.
2013-04-19 10:21:20 Zonke Mngqibisa
Would like to book 2 of the Hearing God Dream Dictionary. Please send all details. Regards Zonke Mngqibisa
2014-05-21 09:56:26 Bridgette
Hi I would like to buy this book Hearing God Dream Dict Please send me the details regards Bridgette
2014-09-17 10:07:42 Shadi Letsoalo
How do I get hold of a prophetic numbers explaining
2014-12-19 14:50:04 Elizabeth
i would like to order the book Hearing God Dream dictionary by Martin V D Merwe 082 317 4158
2015-02-11 08:31:16 Rachael
Please Father bless me with such book. Father You know my surcomstand and know i cant buy one. Thank You Father God for everyday blessing and that we can grow in You Father. Amen
2015-02-27 15:00:16 L . Mogadime
I live in Pretoria. Where can I buy the book?I went to CUM books 2 weeks ago and they didn't have the book.
2015-04-07 13:15:50 bici asavela
I find your book with having and it works very well with me and can you please email me other visions of the book
2016-10-30 12:02:15 Leanne Williams
Awesome, i have never been so directed by God in my life and i stand in Awe of Him!!!
2015-04-23 09:23:54 Veronica
Good Morning i cannot find anywhere in the bible that drums were used to worship God. It was used only in idol worship
2015-06-24 22:23:35 patricia
Hi I would like to buy this book with the number dictionary. Im in bloemfontein
2015-07-07 12:53:08 Mrs L Malherbe
I would like to order a copy of this book
2015-08-13 14:19:21 Lourika van Aswegen
I would like to get a book and want to know where it is available to buy?
2015-08-20 09:31:54 Wilma Basson
Goeie dag Ek is op soek na die "Dream dictionary, colour dictionary and the number dictionary" Kan u asb vir my laat weet wat die pryse is vir elke boek asook waar ek dit sal kan koop. Ek werk in Bellville Baie dankie Wilma Basson
2015-08-20 11:09:44 Ivan Croza
Your EFT on your web didn't work the first time. This is my second try.
2015-08-25 19:26:24 Karien
hi, where could I order a hard copy?
2015-09-07 11:43:09 Natasha Clifford
Where can I purchase the Dream Dictionary, please and what is the price?
2015-09-24 15:28:57 Herman
I would like to purchse this bookplease? how much is it and can you email me the details please? i'm in UK. Bless
2015-09-30 10:52:45 portia fielies
this book sounds amazing, I would definitely like to buy it
2016-02-02 06:08:52 Alina Mphafe
I would like to purchase this dream dictionary
2016-02-21 01:59:24 Arista
I'm a South African, but live in China and would like to order and buy this book. Please email me all details. Thank you
2016-09-14 20:45:45 Geraldine
Hi where and how can I purchase a copy please
2016-12-07 15:08:35 zandile
Its a very gud book it has help me a lot through my journey.
2016-12-27 07:48:00 HLAKOSHE
Im in Tshwane Mamelodi I really need a copy of this book,where can I get it?
2017-03-28 15:23:57 maureen mundell
Please mail to PO Box 32199, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6019
2017-04-01 05:35:46 ivy
I need one of this books please I live in cape town
2017-05-07 16:47:07 Sonja Erasmus
I live in Pta and would like to order your book: ISBN978-0-620-51413-2 Do you have this in Afrikaans?
2017-05-09 09:53:15 CHRISTIE
Good day...can you please indicate where I can buy this book? Thank you
2017-06-12 20:22:04 Peter Becker
I would Like to order this book
2017-07-05 19:51:08 Felicia Nkosi
I need to buy the Dream Dictionarym what's the procedure
2017-07-10 16:37:26 Dirk Adriaanse
Hallo. Ek is opsoek na 'n elektroniese kopie van Dream Dictionary in Engels. Dit is baie meer prakties, altyd by my op my selfoon. Groete
2017-07-22 19:09:01 Kelvin Sichone
Very interesting and inspiring! Is it possible to get a soft copy of the book?
2017-09-18 14:53:26 Tanya
Wil graag die boek vir my ma bestel.... hoe maak ek? Hoop om gou van julle te hoor.
2017-10-27 05:13:09 anonymous
is dit gratis
2017-11-07 21:29:23 Sharon Chapman
Ek is gereeld in Noordelike voorstede en kan dit by julle kom afhaal.
2017-11-13 15:08:14 Leonora Malgas
Good afternoon please contact me regarding the dream Dictionary. thank you!