Prophetic Revelation of Colours

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For the diligent seeker this book is an important tool to unlock the mysteries and secrets that are contained in dreams, visions, nature and in God's Word.

This book must be understood as prophetic revelation of colours by Divine inspiration. The aim was to explain colours Biblically based but from a prophetic point of view. Some prophetic interpretations are clearly stated in Scripture but others are only implied.

It is interesting to note that there are only approximately fifteen colours that are mentioned in the Bible, most of them in the description of the Tabernacle. Most colours are deducted from the symbolic association of their function or by the results of their functioning. For example, the Bible would not say that it was Red, but would refer to it as being the colourof blood or burning hot coals.

Therefore, as with all prophetic Word, the recipient of the Word needs to test the Word against Scripture, ask for confirmation and guidance by the Holy Spirit before using and/or responding to the interpretations that are given. It is therefore important to caution the reader notto use these interpretations of colours as a clear cut recipe, but merely as a prophetic guideline to refer you back to the Word of God, the Bible, which contain all the answers to all the questions in your life.


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2011-09-08 10:47:41 Lightwatchersa
I have recently received a copy of your book as a gift and am so thrilled to finally have an on hand resource to help with the interpretation of dreams, visions etc. It is a marvelously easy layout, and as my day job is an art teacher, this too has been a valuable tool in helping my students understand the meaning of colour in their art works. Many thanks for hearing God's voice in publishing this and I pray He will increase your portion and extend your territory. God bless you!!
2016-05-27 18:19:37 Madelaine Joubert
I want to order this book please
2017-09-16 15:30:50 Dalene Greyling
Ek sien kleure en weet nie altyd wat dit beteken nie
2017-09-16 15:31:23 Dalene Greyling
Ek sien kleure en weet nie altyd wat dit beteken nie
2017-09-20 23:26:18 anonymous
I'm oderng the book
2017-11-18 09:51:49 anonymous
can you please send me this dictinary