Presenters: Martin en Letitia van der Merwe


Introduction - Martin

1. Intimacy with Christ (Understanding how to have a deeper and more intimate relationship with God ) Letitia

2. How can I hear God when He speaks to me (Helping you to experience God’s presence at all times and to understand when He speaks to you) - Martin.

3. What prevents me from Hearing God’s voice (Understand the obstacles that prevents you to experience Gods presence in your life) - Letitia.

4. Understand the messages in your dreams (Types of dreams and case studies how to practically interpret your dreams and visions) - Martin

5. How to interpret your dreams (Understand the structure of dream analysis and understand sexual dreams, nightmares and repetitive dreams). - Martin

Cost:- A love offering will be collected. Please bring your own refreshments and food for a love meal.

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