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Discover the prophetic messages, the mysteries and the secrets hidden in the names of people and places mentioned in the Bible. In this book the research that was done by various authors over centuries was put together in an easily accessible and understandable format. The meaning, Scripture reference and explanation are given for each of the names used in the Bible. A short description is also given of where the name is mentioned in the Bible with a bit of history just to give you some background where it came from.

In Biblical times, and even today in most of the Middle Eastern countries, a child was given a name with a definite meaning and purpose. Many times this name had a prophetic meaning that is only revealed later on in their lives or in the lives of them that followed in their lineage. The names often represented the characteristics of the person. Now you can also use the meaning of the Names used in the Bible, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to gain a better understanding of the prophetic revelations that God is revealing to you in the Bible, even today. To Him be the glory!