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The book covers a range of symbolic revelations contained in the name, the number of the name, colour, gemstone, location around the Tabernacle and the blessings of Jacob and Moses. The characteristics of the 12 Tribes help you to understand where you fit in the family of Christ. We were also led to assess the curses of disobedience impacting on the tribes in order to understand the reasons for recurring financial and personal failures and the impact of these curses in your family line.

Also incorporated in the book is a short explanation of the redemptive gifts as set out in Romans 12:6-8 and how this can be applied to the Tribes. All of this points to Jesus and is a revelation of how each Tribe is a shadow (hidden revelation) of a part of the fullness of Christ.

In this book,  you will discover the prophetic revelations that are locked in the symbols of the twelve tribes. You can then discover yourself in the characteristics of the tribes and how they relate to your relationship with God .

The Tribes is a revelation given by the Holy Spirit to guide you to grow in character and full maturity in Christ. These are guidelines which can be understood within the context of the seven redemptive gifts which is explained in Romans 12:6-8 and how the curses mentioned in Deuteronomy 28 can be dealt with in your life.