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Martin van der Merwe, best-selling author of the books “Hearing God: Dream Dictionary” and “Hearing God through Dreams and Visions” has consolidated more than twenty years of experience, teaching and ministry on dreams and visions in this book. It is written from a Christian perspective to help you to understand the perplexing mysteries which God reveals through dreams. It is written in easy to ready language to allow any person to understand the message. This is probably the most comprehensive Bible based reference book for interpreting dreams on the market today.

With his unique blend of Word knowledge and prophetic insight, he provides you with simple, easy to use tools and techniques to be able to be led by the Holy Spirit to interpret your own dreams within the context of God’s Word. It contains 12 keys and techniques to assist you to interpret your dreams. The books also provides you with a easy to understand and keep up to date journalling method which can help you to interpret, understand and record your dreams and messages you revceive from God.