Ruach Dream Files March 2018

Ruach Dream Files –

March 2018


2017 was the year of separation

I sense that 2018 will be a continuation of that which the Lord has started in 2017. We could see the perfection of the saints of Christ during 2017 with enormous growth in the spiritual understanding of who Christ is and how we as Christians should live. On the other hand we saw the sudden breakup of marriages, ministries, governments as the Hand of God moved and the hold of satan became stronger in the lives of many people. During the third quarter of 2017 I sensed that the Lord is beginning to do something new. A movement has started where Christians in all walks of life is taking up their positions of authority in the spiritual realm.

Birth of a new generation

In 2018 it is going to accelerate, with saints asserting themselves in their homes, workplace, business, politics and in government. This movement will lead to the birth of many new Christian enterprises, support to the poor, outreaches, ministries and Spirit-led initiatives. In 2018 the separation between good and evil, light and darkness will become more and more evident and will bring about a shift in the natural, which is already manifest in the spiritual realm. A massive spiritual battle is already taking place in the spiritual realm and there will be a wave of intercessors taking up their position and praying in spirit and truth, pulling down strongholds, uprooting entrenched works of the evil one, overthrowing the thrones of evil in business and in government and establishing the Throne of Grace.

Prominence of His Saints

As the Lord is making things new and preparing His children to take their places in the spirit and in the natural, new leaders will raise to prominence. They are already being prepared and we will see in the latter part of 2018 how they will quietly emerge, established on a solid foundation, bringing hope, strategic plans and guidance at a time when the current generation of leaders lose credibility and direction. God is giving birth to a new generation of leaders, businesses, thinkers and politicians.

South Africa

In 2018 South Africa will go through a rocky period. The country will face many challenges and it will seem as if things are falling apart. There will be greater unrest and number of protests and many people will lose hope. The racial divide will seem to become bigger. However, this is part of the preparation for the new generation to take up their place. Ones with hearts filled with evil and hate will spew out their bitterness and gall and will influence many people, but those with hearts filled with the love of Christ will pull closer together, creating a new united, loving and prosperous generation. This new generation will become more prominent, especially towards the last quarter of 2018 and will generate a wave of unity in Christ leading up to the 2019 elections. We are in for many surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant. Therefore, wear your spiritual armour and stand strong with the knowledge that if you are in Christ and He is in you, He brings you in joint seating with you in the heavenlies and then nothing will be impossible for you. Trust, rely and depend on the Lord, and He will make your ways straight and your paths even.

Do not be offended

I sense that the Lord is speaking to us as Christians in an extraordinary, yet simple manner. In the Book of Matthew, “Jesus commands us to turn the other cheek”.

But I say to you, Do not resist the evil man [who injures you]; but if anyone strikes you on the right jaw {or} cheek, turn to him the other one too (Matt 5:39).

To be easily offended is a burden many of us carry within us. To be struck on the right cheek can represent an insult to your inner being, your beliefs, dignity, honour and values. It is a vast attack on who you are. Therefore Jesus says that if a person insults you in such a manner, he can also insult you in respect of natural or material aspects of your life without it affecting you that much.

I sense that as Christians, this is going to be our greatest test in 2018. We are going to see many attacks that will be like a smack on the right cheek. We have already seen the position the ANC took to downgrade the Israel embassy. We saw the Court decision that parents are not allowed to spank their children any longer. We see governments legalising gay marriages. 2018 is going to test our resolve much more. There will be many such slaps in the face that will come in the face of Christians.

How are we required to respond when facing these insults and attacks on the truth of the Word of God and the dignity of our beliefs? The answer is clear! Jesus said that we need to turn the other cheek. In this chapter of the Book of Matthew, He went even further by stating that if a person takes your overcoat (your covering or protection), you must give them your undercoat as well (the basics of your provision and protection).

Victory in the Spirit

We need to take the battle into the realm where the adversary cannot win, into the spiritual realm where the Holy Spirit fights on your behalf. In 2018 we will be required to fast and pray, intercede and pray warlike prayers in the Spirit in order to release the power and victory of Christ into the natural. It is time to raise our voices in unison towards the King of Kings and to call His Kingdom, as it is in Heaven, to also come here on earth, into our country, our cities, our homes and into our hearts!

2018 is going to have many difficulties, but we are assured of victory if we do not take offence and dragged into a battle in the natural. Do not be pulled down to the level of the adversary, he will beat you with experience and will make you despondent and disheartened. Lift up your countenance to the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords and rise up to the level of victory in the Spirit. Then you will also see the defeat of the adversary in the natural.


We have been invited to launch our own television programme on (, a new Christian television channel that will operate on the OVHD satellite network from 1 April 2018.Letitia and I obtained a half an hour slot at 20:30 on Tuesday evenings. The programme will be called “Hearing God with Martin and Letitia van der Merwe”. We will focus on different areas of the prophetic on how to hear God’s voice through dreams, visions, Scripture, nature, the 12 tribes, etc as well as to understand your identity in Christ, what blocks you from hearing God and to guide people towards the truth of Gods Word. We would like to guide people back to God and His Word by teaching on how to understand the revelations by the Holy Spirit. This is a massive step for our walk in ministry, as this will expose us to a potential audience of a 100 million viewers across Africa and Western Europe.

This will require substantial financial resources, but we decided to take this step in faith. We have been in ministry since 2000 and started touring South Africa with our Hearing God Dream Seminars since 2005. We are now approaching our audience with an opportunity to invest in this Kingdom enterprise. We will need approximately hundred and twenty thousand Rand per year to invest in television broadcasting for our television programme. We hope that people who want to see this ministry gaining broader exposure and reach more people, to assist us by contributing towards the costs of broadcasting on this television channel. There is an opportunity to advertise your business or product for on our programme which will assist to sponsor the costs or you can act as a sponsor for the programme. If you are interested to advertise you product or act as a sponsor you can send us an email to or sms to 0856758975. Alternatively, contributions can be paid directly into the Ruach Media account, ABSA-Cape Gate Branch, Acc no: 919-5423-079. Branch Code 632005. Clearly mark the deposit as “TV Program”.

Word for 218

I am a bit late in loading the Word for 2018. But here goes. 2017 was in many ways a year of separation and a year of surprises and suddenlies.


Tour May 2018

We will be (DV) visiting Free State and Gauteng Province during May 2018 and Namibia during July 2018. Watch our website for more details. We hope to see you there:

Memel (Free State) 11-12 May 2018 (Grace Country Retreat

Montana (Pretoria) 19-21 May 2018 (Plaashuis Teater op die hoek van Dr Van Der Merwe en Jeugdstr 599, Montana).

We are still available for evenings or during the during the week (except 13-15May) for 2 hour teachings on any of the seminars below:


Seminars that is available to be presented:

  • Dream Seminar,
  • Identity and Gifting
  • Prophetic Revelations in Numbers
  • Prophetic Revelations in the 12 Tribes,
  • Prophetic Revelations in colours
  • 7 Gifts for Success
  • Prophetic Revelations of the 12 Tribes

We will be engaging with individuals, ministries and churches that have expressed interest to invite us to confirm venues and dates and will make it available on our website, monthly newsletters and my Facebook site



We are excited about this new season of discovery and revelation and hope to share it with you. Let us gather together before the feet of the Lord and hear His promises, His revelations for our lives and His guidance for what is to come. It is amazing to get answers to your questions, guidance on decision-making, healing from insecurities and fears, because He is the Source and He is the answer to every question.


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